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EasyGIS is a simple and intuitive GIS solution that delivers the most commonly desired features of more expensive products at a fraction of the cost.

A few of the many things you can quickly and easily with EasyGIS are:
  • Draw points, polygons, and lines over aerial images
  • Calculate acreages and measure distances
  • Label shapes with any stored attributes such as name or area
  • Separate projects into separate shape layers that can be stored and manipulated separately
  • Format projects for simple and flexible printing to paper or an image
  • Create and Open shapefile format files that are compatible with other GIS products such as ArcView and ArcGIS
  • Convert projects to KML format for display in Google Maps and Google Earth (here's an example)
  • ...and much more!

We are constantly improving EasyGIS and adding new functionality. Check the release notes page for a list of our latest additions.

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